How to Activate Siri on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X

How to Activate Siri on iPhone 11: Want to find out the way to get Siri on the iPhone 11 or any iPhone without a Home button? Earlier iPhone models used the house button to activate Siri, but that’s not an option with the iPhone X and later. While activating Siri might not be as intuitive if you’re wont to have a Home button, it’s even as easy once you retrain your motor memory.

Of course, Hey Siri remains an option on the iPhone 11 Pro and earlier iPhones with no Home button, and it is the same as before. But we’ll cover the way to activate Siri on your iPhone 11 manually below.

How to Activate Siri on iPhone 11

How to Activate Siri on an iPhone without a Home Button

The Side button (formerly referred to as the Sleep/Wake button) on the iPhone 11 performs many functions previously performed with the house button, including activating Siri.

How to Activate Siri on iPhone 11
  • Click and hold the Side button on your iPhone to activate Siri.

That’s it! As I stated above, Hey Siri remains an option also. you’ll confirm Hey Siri is on by opening the Settings app, selecting Siri and toggling on Hey Siri. Just remember that Hey Siri won’t activate if you’ve got Low Power mode on; so if it isn’t working, that’s probably why.

In those moments, simply click and hold the Side button to speak to Siri. If that does not solve your problem, inspect these Siri troubleshooting tips. Now that you simply have Siri activated, why don’t you are trying out a number of its cool features, like getting your own customized daily update?

Get How to Activate Siri on iPhone 11 & iPhone X by Pressing Power Button

Press and hold the Power Side button on the iPhone 11 or iPhone X, keep holding the side button until you see the “How can I help you?” Siri screen with the little Siri listening indicator at the bottom of the display, and then release the button once you see Siri on screen.

n case you were wondering, the Power / Side button is located on the right side of iPhone 11 / XS / XR / X if you’re looking at the screen.

Once you see the Siri screen on iPhone 11 / XS / X, you can stop holding the Power button down. Just issue a voice command to Siri like you normally would, for example, you can use these types of commands and questions:

  • “What is the weather in Oshkosh Wisconsin?”
  • “What time is it in Tokyo”
  • “Remind me at 4 o clock about the meeting with Joe”
  • “What song is playing right now?”
  • “Set an alarm for 7am every week day”
  • “How many feet are in 15 miles?

There are literally hundreds of Siri commands available out there, if you’re not sure what you can do with Siri just ask Siri “What can you do for me?”

The Power / Side / Lock button on iPhone 11, XS, XR, X performs many tasks. It’s what you click to lock the screen, press in combination to take a screenshot of iPhone X, double-press to Activate Apple Pay on iPhone X, press in a different combination to force restart iPhone X, and you can press it once to wake or sleep the screen too.

Activate Siri on iPhone 11, XS, XR, X with Hey Siri Voice Commands

You can also activate Siri on iPhone 11 and iPhone X by voice command only, but you must set up and enable Hey Siri in iOS on the device.

You may have done this already when configuring iPhone X on initial setup, but if you skipped it then simply go to the Settings app and find “Siri & Search” section and choose to enable “Listen for Hey Siri” in the settings.

Once Hey Siri is enabled and configured to your voice, as long as the iPhone X is charged and screen up*, and not in Low Power Mode, you can say “Hey Siri” followed by a Siri command and that will work to Activate Siri too.

So, remember for iPhone X there are two major ways to Activate Siri on iPhone 11: Hey Siri voice command, and by pressing and holding on the Side-Power button.

The power button trick for Activate Siri is unique to iPhone 11, XS, XR, X (or any other iOS device without a Home button if you happen to have some prototype model or future gen device), because previously you would hold down the Home button to activate Siri on iPhone 11 and other iPhone models. But, now iPhone X has no Home button, so you have to use the Side Power button instead.

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